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Art of China

Information on the various arts in China including art, music and food.

China Avant-Garde

China Avant-Garde specializes in assisting private and corporate collectors in the acquisition of important works of Chinese contemporary art, including painting, photography, installation and sculpture.

Chinese Art To Go

Chinese paintings, calligraphy and embroidery on silk by folk artists

Chinese music instruments web site

Introduce chinese classical music and instruments.guqin, guzheng,pipa,erhu, xiao and danbau etc. offering music lessons and sell chinese music instruments.

Chinese porcelain collectors FREE resource page

Offering free advise to collectors of Chinese Pottery and Porcelain. Chinese History. Porcelain marks. Questions and Answers. Recommended reading. Spec.: Chinese Export Porcelain.

Flachsmann Asian Art

Twenty years of experience in Asian art, specialising in netsuke, snuff bottles, Chinese and Japanese porcelain and Japanese screens.


Shanghai-based gallery on contemporary Chinese paintings.

Online gallery for the serious collector. Specialising in fine Imperial Chinese porcelain and ceramics from the Tang through the Qing dynasties (7th-19th century)

Courtyard Gallery

The Courtyard Gallery is one of the leading private art galleries in China. Situated in Beijing on the moat of the Forbidden City, at the East Gate, the Courtyard specialises in Chinese contemporary art.The Courtyard, which is open daily from 11:00 a.m to 7:00 pm, represents many of China’s most well known avant-garde artists currently working both in China and abroad. Monthly exhibitions with Courtyard-published catalogues available. Email us to receive monthly exhibition announcements.See our website for extensive archival information on artists represented and past and future exhibitions.

Wei Asian Arts

Chinese and Southeast Asian Works of Art