Biscuit: Refined Chinese Famille Verte Wares

Author: Luísa Vinhas & Jorge Welsh (ed.)

Publisher: Jorge Welsh Books

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Exhibition catalogue; Famille verte biscuit wares are an important but so far little-studied group of refined Chinese porcelain made at the imperial kilns of Jingdezhen primarily during the Kangxi period (1662-1722). This group is defined by both the method of decoration and the colour palette, which is frequently dominated by green enamel. Presenting an extremely diverse range of shapes, including figurines and animals, small practical items for use within the Chinese domestic environment and religious icons, this group is as complicated as it is fascinating. Together they open a window on Chinese culture and society, through which the production and consumption of Chinese ceramics can also be studied.

Famille verte biscuit wares became increasingly fashionable for the European market at this time; while most were collected as curiosities, others were made directly for this market. Indeed, the production of famille verte biscuit wares reflects the particular circumstances of trade between East and West during this period.

Hardcover, English text, 240 pages, colour, 23.5 x 29.7 cm, published in 2012

ISBN: 9780955743290