Chinese Armorial Porcelain for Spain

Author: Rocío Díaz

Publisher: Jorge Welsh Books

USD $374.00

Chinese Armorial Porcelain for Spain is the first book published on the subject of armorial porcelain made in China specifically for the Spanish market. This publication examines and discusses seventy-three different Chinese export porcelain pieces or dinner services made for the Spanish market as well as provides interesting information on the historical, political and sociological world at the time including insights into the individuals that ordered these objects from China.

Hardcover (with dust jacket), English text, 416 pages, colour, 24.5 x 30.3 cm, published in 2010

ISBN: 0955099269


This book includes important new documentation and information unearthed after years of methodical research by the author. From the 16th century onwards, Spain was a dominant force in European trade from China. First through the Manila Galleons (Spanish trade ships that criss-crossed the Pacific Ocean sailing from Manila to Acapulco) and later through an eastern trade route that traversed the Indian and Atlantic oceans, Spanish traders imported large quantities of Chinese porcelain to Spain and New Spain. Much of these wares were armorial porcelain intended for Spanish Royal and aristocratic patrons.