Encompassing Precious Beauty: The Songzhutang Collection of Imperial Chinese Ceramics

Author: Songzhutang

Publisher: CA Book Publishing

USD $103.00

The Songzhutang Collection of Chinese Imperial ceramics has been carefully assembled by a collector who not only has an eye for beauty, but also an understanding of the art historical importance and technical achievement of the items he acquires. It is additionally noteworthy that a significant proportion of the items in the collection have previously been in other major collections or exhibitions. While the Songzhutang Collection includes a number of impressive pieces from earlier periods, the main concentration has been on imperial porcelains of the Qing dynasty—especially from the reigns of the three great Qing emperors; Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong—which are represented by fine selections of blue and white, monochrome, and polychrome porcelains.

Hard cover with dust jacket, text in English and Chinese, 232 pages, over 220 color illustrations,10 x 12.75 inches, published in 2016

ISBN: 9789888272099