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Arts of Asia‘s long-awaited Summer 2022 edition is here! This landmark issue, in collaboration with the Hong Kong Palace Museum (HKPM), celebrates the HKPM’s Grand Opening scheduled for mid-2022. Comprising eight articles written for Arts of Asia by the museum’s distinguished director, curators and specialists, this special issue offers a comprehensive overview of the museum’s mission and activities in addition to an in-depth examination of the exhibited highlights on loan from the Palace Museum. Many of these treasures, ranging from imperial ceramics, works of art, utilitarian objects, to calligraphy and painting masterpieces and more, are being publicly displayed for the first time.

This is truly an outstanding issue—the highly informative texts together with the stunning images provided by the Palace Museum result in an impressive volume that is not only an enjoyable read but also a valuable reference book. 

With 30,000 square metres of total floor area and nine galleries, HKPM will be one of the world’s leading cultural institutions for the study and appreciation of Chinese art and culture. We are delighted to collaborate with the HKPM for this special issue. We would like to thank Dr Tianlong Jiao, Head Curator of HKPM, for suggesting the wonderful cover image of the Qianlong Emperor by Giuseppe Castiglione (Lang Shining, 1688–1766), Palace Museum, Gu6488.

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