January to February 1974 Magazine

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Editorial & Correspondence

Rice Gods of the lfugao by CHRISTIAN ROLL

Christie, Manson & Woods—Tuyet Nguyet Interviews Anthony Derham by TUYET NGUYET

Collecting Shells in the Philippines by CHIYE OSHIMA

The Chinese Exhibition at the Royal Academy by MICHAEL RIDLEY

“Myazedi” Inscription in the Pagan Museum by STEPHEN MARKBREITER

(Book Reviews) Ethnographic Art of the Philippines: An Anthropological Approach by LEE YU-YLIN

(Book Reviews) An Analysis of the Decorative Motifs of Some Philippine Cultural Minorities and Philippine Ceramic Designs by LEE YU-YLIN

Curio Notes by R.H.  LEARY and ETHEL GWINN

Saleroom News by JOHN K.T. MA

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