January to February 1978 Magazine

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Editorial by TUYET NGUYET


Marquis Roussy De Sales of Parfums Christian Dior

Bronze Metalwork In Java by ANTHONY GARDNER

Chhau Dances: Tradition & Style by SURESH AWASTHI

Tomb Pottery in the National Museum of History, Taipei by SYLVIA FRASER

Khmer Ceramics at Prasat Ban Phluang by VANCE CHILDRESS and ROXANNA BROWN

Saleroom News by SIMONE HARTMAN

The Second Netsuke Kenkyukai Convention by GEORGE LAZARNICK

(Book Reviews) Pahari Paintings & Sikh Portraits in the Lahore Museum by ROY C. CRAVEN, JR

(Book Reviews) Tempayan di (Martavans in) Indonesia by BARBARA HARRISSON

Snuff Bottle Exhibition at Vancouver by MARY MORRISON

Buying Antiques in Peking by IAN MCLEAN

Collectors Column

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