January to February 1980 Magazine

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Editorial by TUYET NGUYET


Index 1977–1979 by ARTS OF ASIA

Sanchi: Buddhism’s Great Monument in India by ROY C. CRAVEN, JR.

Chinese Bronzes of the Ming Dynasty by ELWYN M. SMOLEN

5000 Years of Korean Art by PATRICIA SALMON

Ming and Ch’ing Imperial Tou-ts’ai and Wu-ts’ai Porcelains by LASZLO LEGEZA

(Saleroom News) Victorian Paintings in London by CHRISTOPHER CONE

(Saleroom News) The Aoyama Collection of Asian Art by BEOWULF K. KLEBERT

The Wayang Museum in Jakarta by BRIAN CUTHBERTSON

(Book Reviews) Masterpieces of Korean Art: History of Korean Art/Koryo Ceramics/Yi Ceramics by G. ST. G. M. GOMPERTZ

(Book Reviews) A Concise History of Indian Art by SARA SCHASTOK

The Embroidery of Luzon and the Visayas by PATRICIA JUSTINIANI MCREYNOLDS

(Collectors Column) Sung Hitam (Black Sung) Trade Ware by LAWRENCE C. DAVENPORT and HELEN C. DAVENPORT

(Collectors Column) A Rare Tibetan Folio Cover by EARLE J. STONE

(Collectors Column) Korean Rice Cake Stamps by RUTH G. STEWART

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