January to February 1982 Magazine

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Editorial by TUYET NGUYET


Bob C. Stevens’ Collection of Chinese Snuff Bottles by ROBERT KLEINER

The Art of Calligraphy by LIU LIANG-YU and MARY LOU

Burmese “Opium” Weights by SYLVIA FRASER-LU

Christian Motifs in Chinese Snuff Bottles by EMILY BYRNE CURTIS

Chinese Painting As Seen Through Snuff Bottles by BOB C. STEVENS

Familiar Inspirations by VIRGINIA MEAD

Thai Mother-of-Pearl by SYLVIA FRASER-LU and SONIA KRUG

The Recessed Base (Hole-Bottom) Saucer by DAWN F. ROONEY

(Saleroom News) Oriental Carpets in Hong Kong; Japanese Art in London; Snuff Bottles in Paris by BARRINGTON MILLSON

Export Fans of the South China Coast by NEVILLE JOHN IRÖNS

(Book Reviews) by URSULA ROBERTS

(Collectors Column) Art of the Archaic Indonesians by IRWIN HERSEY

(Collectors Column) Travels with an Album in China by ROSS LEWIS

(Collectors Column) Peranakan Silver in Singapore by ELIZABETH H. MOORE

(Collectors Column) Snuff Bottles for Japan by F. KAREL WIEST

(Collectors Column) Special Report: The Art Market in France by BEOWULF KLEBERT

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