January to February 1983 Magazine

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Editorial by TUYET NGUYET


Triennial Index 1980–1982 by ARTS OF ASIA

The Mausoleum of the Emperor Jahangir by KHALID MAHMUD

Indian Reverse Painting on Glass by ROY C. CRAVERN, JR

Gandharan Art of Central Asia by BEBE FLEISS ORZAC and EDWARD S. ORZAC

Terracotta Icons of Molela by PRAMOD KUMAR

Sakta Images of Orissa by THOMAS DONALDSON

Chewing Betel Through the Ages by BEOWULF F. KLEBERT

(Saleroom News) Christie’s in London by PHILIPPA VAUGHAN and ANTHONY THOMPSON

(Saleroom News) Sotheby’ s in Hong Kong by URSULA ROBERTS

The Heavenly Lords by KEITH G. STEVENS

Behind the Scenes 5

(Book Reviews) Northern Thai Ceramics by ELIZABETH H. MOORE

(Book Reviews) Chinese Islamic Wares in the Collection of Muzium Negara by FONG PENG-KHUAN

(Book Reviews) The Imperial Image: Paintings for the Mughal Court by URSULA ROBERTS

(Collectors Column) Lapidary Arts of Jaipur by S.L. MANDAWAT

(Collectors Column) The Textile Museum by NINA W. GWATKIN

(Collectors Column) Palm-Leaf and Paper by NATIONAL GARLLERY OF VICTORIA

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