January to February 1986 Magazine

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Editorial by TUYET NGUYET


Triennial Index 1983–1985 by URSULA ROBERTS

Macau Past and Present: Introduction by BRIAN CUTHBERTSON

Buildings From Macau’s Past by CESAR GUILLEN-NUÑEZ

The Old Protestant Cemetery by SHANN DAVIES

George Chinnery’s Views of Macau by GEOFFREY BONSALL

Four Artists of the Lingnan School by CHIO MAN-FONG

Heritage Preservation Work in Macau Today by J.L. MARINHO DE BASTOS

Behind the Scenes 9 by PAULA GASPARELLO

(Saleroom News) The Publisher Meets with David Bathurst by TUYET NGUYET

(Saleroom News) Festival of India at Sotheby’s New York by JANE B. WERNER

(Book Reviews) Modern Art in Hong Kong by LESLEY FENWICK

(Book Reviews) Art of Nepal by IAN ALSOP

(Collectors Column) The Asia and Pacific Museum in Warsaw by ANDRZEJ WAWRZYNIAK

(Collectors Column) Two Silla Period Temples Near Pusan by VICTOR DOVE

(Collectors Column) Netsuke: Japanese Sculpture in Miniature by LETITIA BURNS O’CONNOR

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