January to February 1987 Magazine

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Editorial by TUYET NGUYET


The Road to Medina by JEHAN S. RAJAB

Mantónes De Manila: Their Role in China’s Silk Trade by NATALIE V. ROBINSON

From a Missionary’s Closet by MARGARET G. FORSYTHE

The Carpet Weaving Art of China’s Northwest Provinces and Eastern Turkestan by JANICE S. HERBERT

The Textile Arts of India’s North-East Borderlands by ELIZABETH BAYLEY WILLIS

Seventeenth Century Furniture From V.O.C. Settlements in Asia by JAN VEENENDAAL

(Saleroom News) The Grand Auction of Antiques and Works of Art at the River City Shopping Complex by TUYET NGUYET and STEPHEN MARBREITER

(Book Reviews) From Merchants to Emperors by STEPHEN MARKBREITER

(Book Reviews) Japanese Dolls: The Image and the Motif by W.G. DE KESEL

(Collectors Column) Mukhalinga—The Gountenance of the Hero God by RENZO FRESCHI

(Collectors Column) T’ang Dynasty Baths Located by WANG CHAO-LIN

(Collectors Column) Sleeping Beauties From Sanghol by ISABELLE LANDRY

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