January to February 1989 Magazine

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Editorial by TUYET NGUYET


Triennial Index 1986–1988 by URSULA ROBERTS

Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art: Introduction by LADY DAVID

Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art: Early Monochrome Wares by ROSEMARY E. SCOTT

Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art: Yuan and Ming Porcelains by ROSE KERR

Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art: Ch’ing Porcelains by ROSEMARY E.SCOTT

Hokusai Towards the Summit: The Hundred Views of Fuji by RICHARD LANE

(Saleroom News) Japanese Art at Christie’s New York by SEBASTIAN IZZARD

(Saleroom News) Chinese Decorative Works of Art at Sotheby’s New York by CAROL CONOVER

Behind the Scenes 14 by ARTS OF ASIA

Portrait and Ancestral Images on Chinese Altars by KEITH G. STEVENS

(Book Reviews) Woven from the Soul, Spun from the Heart: Textile Arts of Safavid and Qajar Iran, 16th–19th Centuries by LUCIEN DE GUISE

(Book Reviews) Paintings of the Lotus Sutra by MARK SYMMONDS

(Collectors World) Narayana:  Sleeping Vishnu by DEEPAK SHIMKHADA and MURIEL REEVES

(Collectors World) Exploring Sukhothai and Si Satchanalai—Part 2: Si Satchanalai Achievements in China’s Tun-huang Studies by VICTOR DOVE and SHIH KUANG-CH’ING

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