January to February 2019 Magazine

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Family, Gender and Power: Portraying Qing Imperial Women by DAISY YIYOU WANG

Qing Court Women’s Dress and Notions of Auspiciousness and Antiquity by JAN STUART and QU WEIXUN

Images of Exemplary Women in Paintings at the High Qing Court by JULIA K. MURRAY

The “Arts of Asia” Conversation with Anthony Hardy by COLIN SHEAF

Unity of Man and the Divine:  Impressions on Jewellery in the Himalayan Area by XU XIAODONG

A Millennium of Monochromes From the Tang to the High Qing: The Baur Foundation and Zhuyuetang Collections by NICHOLAS WILSON

Buddhist Bronzes of the Liao Dynasty by CHRISTIAN BOEHM

“Goryeo: The Glory of Korea” Special Exhibition at the National Museum of Korea by JEONG MYOUNG HEE

Sikh Art and Devotion in the Collection of Parvinder S. Khanuja by PAUL MICHAEL TAYLOR

(Saleroom News) Sotheby’s Hong Kong: Important Chinese Art on October 3rd, 2018 by CRISTINE LI

(Book Reviews) Buddhism Luminated: Manuscript Art From Southeast Asia by ALEXANDRA GREEN

(Collectors World) Visualizing Burma: A Revisit to Photography in this Golden Land by THWEEP RITTINAPHAKORN