July to August 1979 Magazine

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Editorial by TUYET NGUYET


The Sōken Kishō and Ojime by MISAO MIKOSHIBA and RAYMOND BUSHELL

Treasures of the Orient by TUYET NGUYET and TIM LUARD

The Japanese Fan by BARBARA THOREN

Yoshitoshi—Ukiyo-e’s Last Star by JOHN STEVENSON

Second Western Pacific Print Biennale by ELIZABETH CROSS

(Saleroom News) Chinese and Japanese Art by SIMONE HARTMAN

(Saleroom News) The Koller Galleries by BEOWULF K. KLEBERT

A Tribute to Soame Jenyns by ROGER KEVERNE


(Book Reviews) A Survey of Persian Handicraft by URSULA ROBERTS

Ito-in: An Inspiration for Netsuke? by KINYA NIISEKI

(Collectors Column) Visiting Country Auctions in Japan by PATRIZIA JIRKA

(Collectors Column) An Exhibition of Animals in Chinese Painting “Japan Today”  by TIM LUARD

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