July to August 1986 Magazine

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Editorial by TUYET NGUYET


Mountain Retreats in Jade by BARRY TILL and PAULA SWART

Enamels East and West by EMILY BYRNE CURTIS

Seventeenth Century Chinese Porcelain by MARGARET MEDLEY

The Golden Rock Temples of Dambulla by NATHAN KATZ and ELLEN S. GOLDBERG

Male and Female Puppets in Wayang Shadow Plays by W. VAN YPEREN

The Rana Palaces of Nepal by GRETA RANA

Bhutanese Architectural Painting by DAVID K. BARKER

The Government Lacquer School and Museum of Pagan by SYLVIA FRASER-LU

(Saleroom News) Chinese Decorative Works of Art at Sotheby’s New York by THEOW-HUANG TOW

(Saleroom News) The Nanking Cargo at Christie’s Amsterdam by COLIN SHEAF

Behind The Scenes 10 by PAULA GASPARELLO

(Book Reviews) The Arts of Thailand by URUSLA ROBERTS

(Book Reviews) Guanyin: A Masterpiece Revealed by GABRIELLE HARRIS

(Collectors Column) Modern Carvings of Kiangsu or Shanghai by STEPHEN MARKBREITER

(Collectors Column) Yang Shih-hui: China’s Master Ivory Carver by CHIANG LING-YUAN

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