July to August 1988 Magazine

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Editorial by TUYET NGUYET


Prasat Phnom Rung: A Khmer Temple in Thailand by SARAH HAMMOND

Bronzes in the National Museum of Kampuchea by K.M. SRIVASTAVA

Khmer Silver in Animal Shapes by K.I. MATICS

Buddhist Bronzes From the Nitta Group Collection at the National Palace Museum, Taiwan by JOHN ANG

The “Feng” Peacock: An Emblematic Device on Early Chou Bronze Vessels by JOHN F. MOFFITT and PETER VORIS

(Saleroom News) Indian, Himalayan, Southeast Asian Art and Indian Miniatures at Sotheby’s New York by CARLTON C. ROCHELL

(Saleroom News) Chinese Export Porcelain and Works of Art at Christie’s London by COLIN SHEAF

(Saleroom News) Fine Chinese Decorative Works of Art at Sotheby’s New York by MEE-SEEN LOONG

(Book Reviews) Hmong Art, Tradition and Change by MARGARET G. FORSYTHE

(Book Reviews) American Collectors of Asian Art by JANICE LEOSHKO

Tantric Elements in Pre-Hispanic Philippines Gold Art by LASZLO LEGEZA

(Collectors World) The Art of Stephen Lowe by ELLENOR NEUMANN

(Collectors World) Sophisticated Weavings From Northern Laos by HEINZ BARANSKI

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