July to August 2019 Magazine

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The “Arts Of Asia” Conversation with Peter Janssen of the Samurai Art Museum by BARBARA HARDING

Franzart Lacquer by OLIVER MOSS

Creating the Kimono: Weaving Materials and Techniques by ROGER YORKE

Kantha: Recycled and Embroidered Textiles of Bengal by COURTENAY COMPTON MCGOWEN

Late 12th Century Thangkas By Newari Artists for Tibetan Patrons by STEVEN M. KOSSAK

Luminous Colours of Celadon: The Ceramics of Yaozhou by ROSE KERR

Interview with Anthony Du Boulay by COLIN SHEAF

Driftwood on a Heaving Sea: Zhang Daqian in the Modern West by JOHN SEED

The Xieyi Portraiture of Ren Bonian by JOSH YIU

Korean Men’s Indoor Headwear, Gon, In the Chosŏn Dynasty by JIN-SOOK YANG and HYEON-JIN JO

(Saleroom News) Sotheby’s Hong Kong: Important Chinese Art on April 2nd and 3rd, 2019 by CHRISTINE LI

(Book Reviews) China Without Dragons: Rare Pieces From Oriental Ceramic Society Members by PETER Y.K. LAM

(Collectors World) Weights of India by RICK J. WILLIS