July to August 2020 Magazine

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Curating a Sacred Museum in Hong Kong: Consecration in the Tsz Shan Monastery Buddhist Art Museum by WALTER B. NGAI and GUOYING STACY ZHANG

Highlights From the Tsz Shan Monastery Buddhist Art Museum by GUOYING STACY ZHANG

More Is More: “Masterpiece” Treatment of a Burmese Throne Shrine at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco by FORREST MCGILL

Captive Beauties: Depictions of Women in Late Imperial China by LIU YANG

Armour Masks in the Samurai Art Museum: The Janssen Collection Berlin by MARTYNA LESNIEWSKA

Japanese Lacquer: An Exhibition on Japanese Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam) and the Museum for Lacquer Art (Münster) by JAN DEES

Hokusai: Mad About Painting by FRANK FELTENS

Crosscurrents—Japanese Art in the Royal Collection: Courtly and Artistic Exchange by RACHEL PEAT

Eastern Encounters: Four Centuries of Paintings and Manuscripts From the Indian Subcontinent by EMILY HANNAM

(Book Reviews) Chinese Ceramics From the Dawentang Collection by REGINA KRAHL