March to April 1972 Magazine

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Editorial & Correspondence

Carlos Villaluz Francisco by TUYET NGUYET

Dances of the Emerald Isles by LEONOR OROSA GOQUINGCO

Jewellery with a Difference by KAY GORDON

Spirit of Play at Work by RODOLPHO PARAS-PEREZ

Maria Clara’s Song by RIZAL

Miniature Masterpieces by BERNARD HURTIG

Japanese Lacquer Ware by MICHAEL RIDLEY

Ordered Progress—Fatshan’s Mechanised Kilns by ILSA SHARP

Two Chola Architects by C. SIVARAMAMURTI

History of Chinese Book Illustration by THOMAS TANG

House of Sen by JAMES D. HOLLAND

Saleroom News by JOHN K.T. MA

Lahore Museum by W.K BHATTY

(Book Reviews) The Sale of Works of Art by STEPHEN MARKBREITER

(Book Reviews) 1970–71 Auction Antiques Annual by STEPHEN MARKBREITER