March to April 1984 Magazine

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Editorial by TUYET NGUYET



Japanese Blue and White Porcelain: Part I by WILLIAM TILLEY

Japanese Blue and White Porcelain: Part II by PETER BUFTON

Kano Tessail and His Last Apprentice by WILLIAM and BETTY PARKER

Antique Maps of Japan by SIR HUGH CORTAZZI

A Step in Time: Staircase Chests of Old Japan by ROSY CLARKE

Travels by Netsuke by RAYMOND BUSHELL

(Saleroom News) Oriental Rugs in New York by GLORIA GLASSER

(Saleroom News ) Snuff Bottles in Paris by GAYLE GRAY LAVERLOCHERE

(Saleroom News) Hong Kong Reports by URSULA ROBERTS

Behind the Scenes 7 

(Book Reviews) The Japanese Print: A Historical Guide by STEPHEN MARKBREITER JR

(Book Reviews) Chinese Ceramics: A Short History by BARRY PARR

(Collectors Column) The Asian Interface: Australian Artists and the Far East by ALAN DWIGHT

(Collectors Column) Blue and White Chinese Porcelain by DAVID S. FREEDMAN

(Collectors Column) Wu Tso-jen: Contemporary Chinese Painter by YANG LING

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