March to April 2014 Magazine

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The Qianlong Emperor and Jade Carvings from Suzhou by GUO FUXIANG

Chinese Classic Wares From a Japanese collection: Song Ceramics From the Linyushanren Collection by ROSEMARY SCOTT

Sandalwood Images of Avalokitesvara in China and Japan by CHRISTIAN BOEHM

Humility, Fidelity and Moral Integrity: Some Bamboo Carvings and Their Associations by ROSE KERR

Rethinking Gao Jianfu: Idea Before the Brush by JOSH YIU

Bodies in Balance: The Art of Tibetan Medicine by HOWARD S. KAPLAN

Turkmen “Gobelin” or Pictorial Tapestries by PAUL MICHAEL TAYLOR and TREVOR MERRION

(Salesroom News) Christie’s Hong Kong: Important Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art on November 27th, 2013 by CHI FAN TSANG

(Book Reviews) Islamic and Oriental Arms and Armour: A Lifetime’s Passion by SHEILA CANBY

(Book Reviews) Japonisme and the Rise of the Modern Art Movement: The Arts of the Meiji Period by CHRISTINE GUTH

(Collectors World) Minor Masterpieces from the Great Stupa at Gyantse, Tibet by ANNE BRECKENRIDGE DORSEY

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