March to April 2017 Magazine

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The Buddha and the Gandharan Classical Tradition by KURT BEHRENDT

Two Kangxi Period Buddhist Textiles by DENISE PATRY LEIDY

Emperor Qianlong’s East Turkestan Campaign Pictures: The Catalytic Role of the Documentation of Louis XIV’s Conquests by SHI-YEE LIU

Where Potter Met Poets: A Kangxi Porcelain Vase with a Poetry Gathering in Jingdezhen by PENGLIANG LU

Nanban Coffer with Animals Among Flowers and Blossoming Trees by MONIKA BINCSIK

Brown- and Black-Glazed Stonewares of the Tang, Song, Jin and Yuan Dynasties From the Shangyatang Collection by CHRISTIAN BOEHM

The Asia Society at Sixty: The Collections by ADRIANA PROSER

Collecting Burmese Textiles by THWEEP RITTINAPHAKORN

(Saleroom News) Christie’s New York: Important Chinese Art From the Fujita Museum by MICHAEL BASS

(Book Reviews) Chinese and Japanese Works of Art in the Collection of Her Majesty the Queen by COLIN SHEAF

(Book Reviews) Buddha—2000 Years of Buddhist Art 232 Masterpieces by MICHAEL HENSS

(Collectors World) Masterpieces of Early Chinese Photography by STEPHAN LOEWENTHEIL