March to April 2020 Magazine

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Highlights From the New Arts of Japan Gallery at the Brooklyn Museum by JOAN CUMMINS

Kano Shōei: Birds and Flowers of Spring and Summer by MATTHEW P. MCKELWAY

Highlights From the New Art of China Gallery at the Brooklyn Museum by SUSAN L. BENINGSON

Hidden Treasures and New Discoveries in the Arts of China Collection of the Brooklyn Museum by SUSAN L. BENINGSON

Crossing Brooklyn Ferry: A Conversation with Xu Bing at His Brooklyn Studio by SUSAN L. BENINGSON

Contemporary Chinese Art at the Brooklyn Museum (Part Two) by SUSAN L. BENINGSON

Empires and Emporia: The Manila Galleon Trade and the Spanish Invention of China by RONDA KASL

Non-Invasive Study of the Evolution of Pigments and Colourants Use in 19th Century Ukiyo-e by MARC VERMEULEN

The Twelve Animals of the Lunar Calendar in the Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art by ZHIXIN JASON SUN

(Saleroom News) Asian Art in London 2019 November Auctions by ROBERT BRADLOW

(Book Reviews) Chess and Other Game Pieces From Islamic Lands by SHEILA R. CANBY

(Collectors World) Wucius Wong and the “Theory of Deficiency” by COLIN SHEAF