May to June 1973 Magazine

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Editorial & Correspondence

Ken Bass, Explorer-Collector by TUYET NGUYET

Sitar Player Ustad Vilayat Khan by PEGGY STEINLE

Khmer Ceramics by ROXANNA M. BROWN

Sham Wan—A Cultural Record by WILLIAM MEACHAM

Tibetan Thang-Kas’ Inventive Repetition by W.K. BHATTY

Craft Villages of Northern Thailand by SR. BLANCHE MARIE GALLAGHER

The Serene Grandeur of Sinhalese Buddhas by PRATAPADITYA PAL

Saleroom news by JOHN K.T. MA

(Book Reviews) Chinese Buddhist Monasteries: Their Plan and Its Function as a Setting for Buddhist Monastic Life, by MARGARET CHOU

Curio Notes by M. WAHJONO and R.H. LEARY

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