May to June 1982 Magazine

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Editorial by TUYET NGUYET


The Chester Beatty Collection of Chinese Carved Rhinoceros Horn Cups by JAN CHAPMAN

The Pilgrimage of the Chinese Buddhist Monk Hsuan Tsang by KEITH G. STEVENS

Thirty Years of Archaeological Study on Chinese Ceramics by FENG HSIEN-MING and SOPHIA M.R. LEUNG

Decorative Roof Ceramics in Chinese Architecture by LASZLO LEGEZA

An Artist Reflects on the New Territories by BRIAN TILBROOK

(Saleroom News) Oriental Art in New York by REBECCA RICE JONES and HOWAD A. ZAR

(Saleroom News) Snuff Bottles in London by SEBASTIAN PEARSON

Brass Boxes of the Southern Philippines by BRENT and MARTHA ASHABRANNER

Behind the Scenes 4 by ARTS OF ASIA

(Book Reviews) The Art of Netsuke Carving by MICHAEL BIRCH

(Book Reviews) Chinese Calligraphy: Its History and Aesthetic Motivation by LIU LIANG-YU

(Book Reviews) Eastern Ceramics and Other Works of Art from the Collection of Gerald Reitlinger: Catalogue of the Memorial
Exhibition; T’ang Pottery and Porcelain 

(Collectors Column) Journey to Tibet by ARTHUR LEEPER

(Collectors Column) An Exhibition of Paintings by Chang Dai-ch’ien by HILARY BINKS

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