May to June 1992 Magazine

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Editorial by TUYET NGUYET


Seattle Art Museum: Introduction by WILLIAM J. RATHBUN

Seattle Art Museum: Chinese Art by MICHAEL KNIGHT

Seattle Art Museum: The Japanese Gallery by WILLIAM J. RATHBUN

Seattle Art Museum: Korean Art by ROBERT D. MOWRY

Seattle Art Museum: Near East Gallery by IRENE A. BIERMAN

Behind the Scenes 21 by ARTS OF ASIA

(Saleroom News) Kunsthaus Lempertz: Cologne Auction of Oriental Art on November 29th and 30th, 1991 by PATRIZIA JIRKA

(Saleroom News) Christie’s London: Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art on December 9th, 1991 by COLIN SHEAF

(Saleroom News) Sotheby’s London: Chinese and Korean Ceramics and Works of Art on December 10th, 1991 by HENRY HOWARD-SNEYD

(Book Reviews) The Art of Zen by F.F. MAUSER

(Book Reviews) Mongolia Chewang Prince Collection of Chinese Operas and Tunes by HSIEH CH’UNG-CH’ING and LU HSIAO-MING

(Collectors World) Form and Colour: ‘‘Qing Mark and Period Monochrome and Two-Coloured Wares by D.S. FREEDMAN

(Collectors World) The Splendour of Tang Tomb Frescoes by WANG CHAO-LIN and MA KUI-HUI

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