May to June 2001 Magazine

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Editorial by TUYET NGUYET

The Publisher Interviews Edward Wilkinson of Sotheby’s by TUYET NGUYET


Ga’u—The Tibetan Amulet Box by JOHN CLARKE

Tayo-Bizakani—A Newari Ceremonial Necklace by PREM BAJRACHARYA

Canton—Early Views of Shamian Island by PATRICK CONNER

Khajuraho—Temples, Nymphs and Beauties by K.M. SRIVASTAVA

Neo-Tantric 20th Century Indian Painting by ACHINTO SEN-GUPTA

The Story of a Museum Tun Jugah Pua Gallery—Tun Jugah Anak Barieng, The Man and His People by HEIDI MUNAN

(Saleroom News) I.M. Chait Gallery / Auctioneers: Fine Asian Art on December 3rd, 2000 by MARY ANN CHAIT

(Book Review) Porcelain Stories: From China to Europe by JESSICA HARRISON-HALL

(Collectors World) Wine and Spire of the Ancestors: Chinese Vessels for Storing, Serving and Drinking Wine by EDITH FRANKEL and JAMES D. FRANKEL

(Collectors World) Vietnamese Embroidered Pictures by MARGARET G. FORSYTHE

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