May to June 2003 Magazine

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Editorial by TUYET NGUYET

The Publisher Interviews Henry Howard-Sneyd of Sotheby’s by TUYET NGUYET


The Annex Building for the Rhee Byung-chang Collection and The Gallery for Research of Korean Ceramics by DR MADELEINE KIM

The Rhee Byung-Chlang Donation of Korean and Chinese Ceramics by SIR HUGH CORTAZZI

Traditional Korean Furniture From the Ewha Womans University Museum, Seoul by YULING HUANG and SUNHWA RHA

From Geisha to Diva: The Kimono of Ichimaru by BARRY TILL, JUDITH PATT and MICHIKO WARGENTYNE

Jayavarman IV’s Grandiose Capital at Koh Ker and the Recovery of an Important Lost Sculpture by EMMA C. BUNKER and DOUGLAS A.J. LATCHFORD

Dress of the Daic Peoples of Vietnam Living Adjacent to and East of the Red River by MICHAEL C. HOWARD and KIM BE HOWARD

Temples of Aihole, Badami and Pattadakal: Meeting Ground of Dravidian and Northern Traditions Under Chalukyas by K.M. SRIVASTAVA

(Saleroom News)  Bonhams London: Export Art of the China Trade on March 18th, 2003 by COLIN SHEAF

(Book Review) Heaven Is High, The Emperor Far Away by WILLIAM SHANG

(Collectors World) Contemporary Indian Miniature Painting by MARCELLA SIRHANDI

(Collectors World) Kundekari in Turkish-Ottoman Art by AYSE GULCIN KUCUKKAYA

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