May to June 2020 Magazine

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Chinese Jade: Selections From the Yale University Art Gallery by DENISE PATRY LEIDY

Emperor Yongzheng’s Repository of Jades by MING WILSON

Some English Jade Collections by ROSE KERR

Roger Keverne: A Career in Chinese Art by COLIN SHEAF

The Gerard Arnhold Collection at the Oriental Museum, Durham by ROGER KEVENRE

Jade Collection From the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, Sweden by MICHEL D. LEE and JAMES C.S. LIN

Hidden Treasure: Collecting the Literature of Jade by RICHARD W. HUGHES and ERIC J. HOFFMAN

Characteristics of Modern Chinese Jade Cravings: The Nephrite Jade Works that Won the Tiangong Awards From 2003 to 2014 by WANG MINGYING and SHI GUANGHAI

Interview with Lin Tze-Chuan: Contemporary Jade Carvings in China by E. BILLIE HUGHES

Chinese Ceramics That Adorn the Tearoom by CHRISTIAN BOEHM

(Book Reviews) Himalayan Masks: Lanfranchi Collection by THOMAS MURRAY

(Collectors World) 19th Century Maastricht Copies of Chinese Porcelain in Southeast Asia by JAAP OTTE