November to December 1976 Magazine

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Editorial by TUYET NGUYET


Edward O’Dell’s Collection by JOHN FORD

Archaeology & Modern Israel by RICHARD R. DEUTSCH

Chinese Paintings in the Imperial Palace Collection by SOPHIA M.R. LEUNG

My Story of Snuff Plates by EDMUND F. DWYER

Inside Painted Snuff Bottles of the Shantung School by A. STEMPEL

Chinese Medicine Bottles by DENNIS G. CROW

Saleroom News by SIMONE HARTMAN

Hong Kong Chinese Snuff Bottle Collectors by PAUL BRAGA

(Book Reviews) Paperweights for Collectors by HUMPHREY JONES

(Book Reviews) The Collector’s Book of Snuff Bottles by STEPHEN MARKBREITER

Collectors’ Column by BRIAN CUTHBERTSON

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