November to December 1980 Magazine

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Editorial by TUYET NGUYET


Kiseruzutsu: The Japanese Pipe Case by RAYMOND BUSHELL

Trends in Oriental Art with an Accent on Chinese Ceramics by ROBERT BLUETT

Netsuke and the Sōken Kishō by MISAO MIKOSHIBA and RAYMOND BUSHELL

Sake in Japan’s Arts and Crafts by F. KAREL WIEST

More Mythological Animals in Netsuke by PHILIP SCHNEIDER

Sources of Japanese Porcelains in England by GEOFFREY GODDEN

(Saleroom News) London Reports: Japanese Works of Art at Christie’s by WILLIAM H. TILLEY

(Saleroom News) London Reports: Netsuke and Sagemono at Sotheby’s by NEIL K. DAVEY

(Saleroom News) London Reports: Oriental Manuscripts at Sotheby’s by ARTS OF ASIA

Catalogues and Handbooks by URSULA ROBERTS

Authenticating Zen Paintings by BELINDA SWEET

(Collectors Column) The Thousand Year Tradition of Tz’u-chou by YUTAKA MINO

(Collectors Column) Chinese Export Paintings by MICHAEL BANKS

(Collectors Column) Tadashi Toyota, Sculptor and Bonsai Artist by LAURINE SEGUIN

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