November to December 1983 Magazine

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Editorial by TUYET NGUYET


Durham University Oriental Museum by JOHN RUFFLE

Durham University, The Egyptian Collection: Some Well Known Egyptian Pieces Reconsidered by J.R. HARRIS

Durham University: An Egyptian Figure Restored by CLAUDE VANDERSLEYEN

Durham University: A New Egyptian Inscription by W.J. TAIT

Durham University, The Ancient Near East: Some Ancient Near Eastern Seals by W.G. LAMBERT

Durham University: A Nestorian Gravestone by J. HEALEY

Durham University, The Islamic Collection: Two Persian Tiles by OLIVER WATSON

Durham University: Indian Paintings by ANDREW TOPSFIELD

Durham University, Buddhist Art From India and Tibet: Buddhist Sculptures in the Indian Tradition by W. ZWALF

Durham University: Tibetan Paintings by BETH STOCKLEY

Durham University: A Felt Screen From Mongolia by M. BURKETT

Durham University, Chinese Art at Durham: Sir Charles Hardinge, The Man and His Jades by MICHAEL GULBENKIAN

Durham University: A Chinese Bed for a European Trader by CRAIG CLUNAS

Durham University, Selections From the Japanese Collection: Some Japanese Export Porcelains by O.R IMPEY

Durham University: Netsuke and Associated Art-Forms by GEORGE LAZARNICK

Durham University: The Shin Bijin of Toyohara Chikanobu by JOE EARLE


(Book Reviews) Japanese Cloisonné: History, Technique, and Appreciation by URSULA ROBERTS

(Collectors Column) Punan Art and Artefacts by P.P. COURTENAY and NEIL J. CHADWICK

(Collectors Column) Auspicious Spirits: Korean Folk Paintings and Related Objects by ROBERT MOORE

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