November to December 1984 Magazine

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Editorial by TUYET NGUYET


The Arts of the Islamic Book by SHEHBAZ H. SAFRANI

Sacred Heirlooms by RENÉ BRUS

The Cricket Story by BARRY J. SOLOMAN

Metalwork of the Shanghai Bund by RICHARD JONES


Some Jades in a Collection in Taiwan by LIU LIANG-YU

Two London Antique Fairs in June by ROGER KEVERNE

(Saleroom News) The Hatcher Collection of Ming and Transitional Porcelain by COLIN SHEAF

(Saleroom News) Important Ancient Chinese Bronzes, Ceramics and Works of Art by ROBERT KLEINER

(Book Reviews) Ching-te-chen, Views of a Porcelain City by NATALIE V. ROBINSON

(Collectors Column) Ivories of China and the East by ROGER KEVERNE

(Collectors Column) The Lure of Mehendi by CHAKRESH JAIN

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