November to December 2000 Magazine

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Editorial by TUYET NGUYET


Majapahit: The Golden Age of Indonesia, Late 13th–Early 16th Century: Preface by HUGO E. KREIJGER

The Lingering Legacy of Majapahit by JAN FONTEIN

Stone Images of the Singhasari and Majapaihit Period by MARIJKE J. KLOKKE

Bronze Ritual Implements in the Majapahit Period: Meaning and Function by NANDANA CHUTIWONGS

An Introduction Into: Majapahit Ornamentation by PAULINE LUNSINGH SCHEURLEER

A Unique Gold Modesty Plate From the Majapahit Period by JAAP POLAK

Buddhist Bronzes of Southern India: Rediscovering a Lost History by JOHN GUY

(Salesroom News) Christie’s New York: Japanese and Korean Art on September 19th, 2000 by HEAKYUM KIM AND JEFF OLSON

(Salesroom News) Christies New York: Indian and Southeast Asian Art Including 20th Century Indian Paintings on September 20th, 2000 by YAMINI MEHTA

(Salesroom News) Sotheby’s New York: Fine Chinese Works of Art on September 20th, 2000 by DEBBIE T. KUO

(Book Reviews) The Golden Age of Persian Art (1501–1722) by GÉZA PEHÉRVÁRI

(Book Reviews) Fragrant Space: Chinese Flower and Bird Painting of the Ming Qing Dynasties From the Guangdong Provincial Museum by JANE PORTAL

(Collectors World) In the British Museum: A Permanent Gallery for Korea Decaying Murals in the Sagaing Hilts of Burma (Myanmar) by NOEL F. SINGER

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