November to December 2006 Magazine

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Editorial by TUYET NGUYET


Processions and Presence: Bronze Sculptures From the Temples of Southern India by CRISPIN BRANFOOT

Ancient Chinese Gold Earrings: The Cheng Xun Tang Collection by XU XIAODONG

Yuan Ceramics: The Arts Under the Mongols by HAJNI ELIAS

The Lives of Fisherman, Woodcutter, Tiller and Scholar in Qi Baishi’s Paintings by SZETO YUENT-KIT

The Tibetan Collection of the Royal Museums of Art and History in Brussels by MIRIAM LAMBRECHT

Images of Anathapindika and Ananda in Vietnamese Buddhist Tradition: The Liberator of Wandering Souls and the Protector of Children by TRIAN NGUYEN

Modern Indian Works on Paper by MARCELLA C. SIRHANDI

Pola Antebi of Christie’s Hong Kong and an Interview with Tuyet Nguyet by ARTS OF ASIA

(Book Review) The Art of Silver Jewellery: From the Minorities of China, The Golden Triangle, Mongolia and Tibet by OPPI UNTRACHT

(Collectors World) Art and Imitation in China: Presented by the Oriental Ceramic Society of Hong Kong From October 14th to December 17th, 2006 by ANTHONY LIN HUA TIEN

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