November to December 2019 Magazine

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Hong Kong Museum of Art: Redefining China Trade Painting—A Decade of Research by MARIA KAR-WING MOK

Hong Kong Museum of Art: Hong Kong Experience Hong Kong Experiment by RAYMOND TANG

Hong Kong Museum of Art: Making the Xubalzhiai Collection Travel in Time by HU YAN-LING, SANDRA

The Best of Both Worlds: How Acquisitions and Donations Have Contributed to the Chinese Antiquities Collection of the Hong Kong Museum of Art by MARIA LAM

Hong Kong Museum of Art: A Sense of Place by ANNE LYLES and HO CHI-MING, ASTA

Hong Kong Museum of Art: From Horizontal Mountain Ranges to Vertical Precipitous Peaks: The Inquisitive Art Journey of Wu Guanzhong by SZETO YUEN-KIT

Hong Kong Museum of Art: John Warner’s Recollections of Hong Kong by COLIN SHEAF

Hong Kong Museum of Art: Contributor Biographies

An Early Buddha Image From Nepal: An Art Historical Analysis and Appreciation by PRATAPADITYA PAL

Early Green-Glazed Stonewares From the Han to the Sui Dynasty in the Shangyatang Collection by CHRISTIAN BOEHM

T.S. Raffles’ Concepts of Java: Colonialism and Collecting Methodologies by ALEXANDRA GREEN

(Saleroom News) Sotheby’s New York: Asia Week Sales on September 10th, 11th, 12th and 14th, 2019 by HANNAH B. THOMPSON

(Book Reviews) Textiles of Japan by JOHN E. VOLLMER

(Collectors World) Anything But Beige: At Home with Chris Hall by DIANA COLLINS