November to December 2020 Magazine

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Treasures of Himalayan Art: Zhiguan Museum of Fine Art by LI HUANG WAI

Happiness and Longevity of Sumeru: Tashilhunpo Monastery as a Palace of Arts and Culture by LUO WENHUA

The Buddha: Protecting the Noble Path by CLAUDINE BAUTZE-PICRON

The Bronze Standing Buddha in Gupta India and Licchavi Nepal by IAN ALSOP

Recrafting Remote Antiquity: Art of the Tenth Karmapa by KARL DEBRECZENY

The Wisdom Buddhas as Performed Iconography by JOSEPH HOUSEAL

Advancing Himalayan Art: The Rubin Museum of Arts Project by ELENA PAKHOUTOVA

Some Forms and Uses of Jun Ware by JANE SZE

Self-Portrait on a Chinese Junk by William Alexander: Official Painter of Lord Macartney’s Embassy to China (1792–1794) by ESTELLE NIKLÈS VAN OSSELT

(Saleroom News) A Tumultuous Year and the Global Landscape of Online Sales by ROBERT BRADLOW

(Book Reviews) Breaking Out of Tradition: Japanese Lacquer 1890–1950 by SIMON PILLING

(Collectors World) Vietnamese Contemporary Lacquer Paintings by JORN MIDDELBORG