September to October 1976 Magazine

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Editorial by TUYET NGUYET


Dances of Java by JOAN OGDEN

Art of the Batak by CHRISTIAN ROLL

Indonesian Batik by SYLVIA FRASER

Madjapahit Terra-cottas by ROY C. CRAVEN, JR

Servey Collection of Indonesian Art by GEORGE SERVEY

The Central Museum in Jakarta by BRIAN CUTHBERSTON

Saleroom News by SIMONE HARTMAN

Traditional Costumes of Indonesia by JUDI ACHJADI

The London Netsuke Convention 1976 by EDWARD WRANGHAM

Chinese Furniture of Robert Ellsworth by MAKIKO ICHIURA

(Book Reviews) Oriental Cloisonné and Other Enamels, A Guide to Collecting and Repairing by HUMPHREY JONES

(Book Reviews) The Williams Collection of Far Eastern Ceramics, Tonnancour Section by DUNCAN MACINTOSH

Collectors’ Column

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