September to October 1983 Magazine

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Editorial by TUYET NGUYET


Frog Drums and Their Importance in Karen Culture by SYLVIA FRASER-LU

Indo-Asian Shadow Figures by KENNETH X. ROBBINS

Tiruvenkadu Bronzes: Classics of the Chola Style by I. JOB THOMAS

Saving Old Peking: The Past Recaptured by CHANG WEN-YING

Animate Architecture of the Toraja by CHARLES ZERNER

San Francisco Chinese Snuff Bottle Collectors Part 1: The Progress of a New Group; Part 2: Useful Advice for the Novice by PAUL BRAGA

(Saleroom News) Japanese Works of Art in New York by HOWARD A. ZAR

(Saleroom News) Hong Kong Reports by URSULA ROBERTS

(Book Reviews) Japanese Lacquer Art: Modern Masterpieces by ALAN DWIGHT

(Collectors Column) Significant Aspects of Early Chinese Ceramic Arts; Chinese and Japanese Fans From the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries by ARTS OF ASIA

(Collectors Column) Autumn Grasses and Water: Motifs in Japanese Art by ALEXANDRA MUNROE

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