September to October 1984 Magazine

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Editorial by TUYET NGUYET


Introduction to Khmer Monuments in Present-Day Thailand by KATHLEEN I. MATICS

The Ancient Ts’ung Jade Tube by LARS BERGLUND

A Pahari Pilgrimage by ROY C. CRAVEN, JR.

Museo Oriental in Valladolid, Spain by POLICARPO HERNANDEZ, O.S.A

Pahari Embroidery by SUBHASHINI ARYAN

Kali the Universal Mother by KIRAN SHANKAR

The Art of Thanka Painting by ALEXANDRA LAVIZZARI

(Saleroom News) Christie’s in London 1 by PETER BUFTON

(Saleroom News) Christie’s in London 2 by COLIN SHEAF

(Saleroom News) Sotheby’s in Hong Kong by ARTS OF ASIA

(Book Reviews) Porcelain and the Dutch China Trade by COLIN SHEAF

(Book Reviews) Kaja and Kelod: Balinese Dance in Transition by BARRY PARR

(Book Reviews) The Origin of Ancient American Cultures by AUDREY MCBAIN

(Collectors Column) Modern Japanese Prints by ROSY CLARKE

(Collectors Column) The Hsu Pei-hung Memorial Gallery in Peking by YANG LING

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