September to October 1985 Magazine

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Editorial by TUYET NGUYET


Far Eastern Lacquer in Los Angeles by GEORGE KUWAYAMA

Coiffure in Orissan Sculpture Part II: Brahmanical Female Figures and Buddhist Images by THOMAS DONALDSON


Manansala: Master by the Lake by RODOLFO PARAS-PEREZ

The Royal Regalia of Thailand by RENÉ BRUS

The Sculpture of India by KENNETH X. ROBBINS

Cloisonné of Kuo Ming-Chiao by URSULA ROBERTS

(Saleroom News) Western Influenced Japanese Art by PETER BUFTON

(Saleroom News) Hong Kong Reports by TUYET NGUYET

Contemporary Chinese Ceramics by RICHARD SOREN

(Book Reviews) Living Masters of Netsuke by VRIGINIA G. ATCHLEY

(Book Reviews) Kayamanan: The Philippine Jewelry Tradition by STEPHEN MARKBREITER

(Book Reviews) Chinese Ornament: The Lotus and the Dragon by COLIN SHEAF

(Collectors Column) An Exhibition of Blanc de Chine by JOHN R. BERWALD

(Collectors Column) Primitive Rock Drawings Found in Yunnan by CHANG YANG

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