September to October 1986 Magazine

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Editorial by TUYET NGUYET


Japanese Potter: Kenji Funaki by SIR HUGH CORTAZZI

Antique Japanese Festival Dolls by TIMOTHY M. MERTEL

The Appreciation of Zen Art by JOHN STEVENS

Treasures From the Christian Century by W.H. TILLEY

Japanese Cloisonné: Its Craftsmanship and Artistry by GERD LESTER

The Museum Georges Labit by BEOWULF K. KLEBERT

(Saleroom News) May Sales at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong by MICHAEL MARKBREITER

(Saleroom News) Chinese Paintings at Sotheby’s by ARNOLD CHANG

(Saleroom News) Western Influenced Japanese Art at Christie’s London by MARK HINTON

(Saleroom News) Japanese Works of Art at Christie’s London by PETER J. BUFTON

(Handbooks and Catalogues) Tall Storeys by STEPHEN MARKBREITER

(Handbooks and Catalogues) The World of Kameda Bosai by BELINDA SWEET

(Handbooks and Catalogues) Japanese Ghosts & Demons, Art of the Supernatural by LESLEY FENWICK

(Collectors Column) From Earth and Sea: The Hidden History of Thailand by LINDA E. VILLIERS

(Collectors Column) The Oriental Match-Safe by EARLE J. STONE

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