Summer 2021 Magazine

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Encounters: An Exhibition in the Summer Palace Liechtenstein on the Occasion of LGT’s 100th Anniversary by JOHANN KRÄFTNER

Cultural Exchange at the Heart of the Peabody Essex Museum by STUART W. PRATT

A Legacy of Celebrating Asian Art and Culture at the Peabody Essex Museum by LAN MORGAN

Fascinating Works of Hybridity in the Peabody Essex Museum’s New Asian Export Art Gallery by KARINA H. CORRIGAN

A Close Study of Cantonese Lacquerware by MARIA JOÃO NUNES PETISCA

Dialogues: The Asian Photography Collection at the Peabody Essex Museum by STEPHANIE H. TUNG

The South Asian Galleries at the Peabody Essex Museum by SIDDHARTHA V. SHAH

New Fashion and Design Gallery Spotlights Creativity From Asia by PETRA SLINKARD

A Suitable Room for a Chinese Library: Asian Collections in the Phillips Library by DAN LIPCAN

The Ann Paludan Archive of Historical Chinese Sculptures by GLADYS FRAME and QIN CAO

Shan Beauties: Bird-Shaped Weights of the Shan Principalities of Burma by MICHAEL HERRFURTH and HARTMUT MOLLAT

(Saleroom News) Sotheby’s Hong Kong: Snuff Bottles From a German Private Collection on February 10th, 2021 by JULIAN KING

(Book Reviews) Quest for Coomaraswamy: A Life in the Arts by PETER SKILLING

(Collectors World) Old Burmese Watercolours by JØRN MIDDELBORG