Winter 2021 Magazine

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From Twelve to Seven Hundred: The Oriental Ceramic Society’s Transformation From a Gentleman-Collector’s Club to an Academic Society by FRANCES WOOD

Collectors, Curators and Connoisseurs: A Century of the Oriental Ceramic Society 1921–2021 by SARAH WONG

The Curatorial Connection by ROSE KERR and JESSICA HARRISON-HALL

One Century Revealed: A Look Into the Archives of The Oriental Ceramic Society by BETH GARDINER

An Inquisitive Mind: Sir Harry Garner and His Collections by XIAOXIN LI

Drinking at the Whites’ House: Some Sips From the Mary and Peter White Ceramic Collection by MARY WHITE

The Oriental Ceramic Society and Global Collecting by IVY YI YAN CHAN

Recent Discoveries About the Dry-Lacquered Sculpture of a Seated Amitabha Buddha in Daedunsa Temple, South Korea by LIM YOUNG AE

Chinese Ceramic Religious Figures by HEENA YOUN

Statue-Making in Northern Vietnam: From Stasis to Regeneration by KERRY NGUYEN-LONG

(Saleroom News) Sotheby’s New York: Asia Week Sales During September 20th–22nd and September 27th–29th, 2021 by HANG YIN

(Book Review) Textiles in Burman Culture by THWEEP RITTINAPHAKORN

(Collectors World) Dazzling Official Jun Wares: From Museums and Collections Around the World by ROSE KERR