Winter 2023 Magazine

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Anyang: China’s Ancient City of Kings by J. KEITH WILSON

Strength and Challenges: 17th Century Chinese Paintings in the Former Mochan Shanzhuang Collection of Franco Vannotti in Berlin by BIRGITTA AUGUSTIN

When Less Is More: New Opportunities for the Arts of Korea in Berlin by MARIA SOBOTKA

Empowered By Women: Female Artists, Collectors, Patrons and Scholars for the Arts of Japan at the Asian Art Museum Berlin by ALEXANDER HOFMANN

Researching, Restoring and Exhibiting Fragmented Paintings and Artefacts from the Northern Silk Road in Berlin by LILLA RUSSELL-SMITH

Unfolding the Buddhist Cosmos: Towards a New Visibility of the Berlin Traiphum (Thailand, 1776) — From Indra’s Heaven to the Asura World by MARTINA STOYE

Jade Green and Kingfisher Blue: Longquan Wares from Museums and Art Institutes Around the World by ROSE KERR

China’s Southern Paradise: Treasures from the Lower Yangzi Delta at the Cleveland Museum of Art by CLARISSA VON SPEE

The Shape of Time: Korean Art After 1989 by ELISABETH AGRO and HYUNSOO WOO, with TAEYI KIM

Beyond the Great Wave: Works by Hokusai from the British Museum, in Collaboration with the Bowers Museum by ALFRED HAFT

A Glimpse Into “China In Maps”: The Exhibition at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology by MARCO CABOARA and CHRISTINE M. KAISER

(Book Review) Burmese Silver from the Colonial Period by SYLVIA FRASER-LU

(Collectors World) Interview with Paul Ruitenbeek by ROBIN MARKBREITER