March to April 1971 Magazine

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Editorial by TUYET NGUYET

Tokyo Biennial by TUYET NGUYET

The Sound of Japanese Music by DR. DALE A. CRAIG

Wizard of the Camera by ROBIN ASHLEY

Potter of the Mind by STEPHEN MARKBREITER

Shoji, Extended Haiku by JAMES KIRKUP

In Search of Japanese Prints by ‘COLLECTOR’

Ukiyo-e, the Fleeting World by MICHAEL RIDLEY

George Chinnery, Painter by QU ZHI-REN

The Old Pottery Shop by JOHN WARNER

Burma’s Marvel, the Shwedagon by DERRICK TIN NYUNT

The Golden Age of Blue and White by THOMAS TANG

Museu Luis de Camoes, Macau by HUMPHREY JONES

(Book Reviews) Zen Painting by HUMPHREY JONES

(Book Reviews) Early Ming Wares of Chingtechen by CHARLES H. BROWN

Curio Notes