March to April 2012 Magazine

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Editorial by TUYET NGUYET


Wu Guanzhong: Chinese Master Artist by TEO HAN WUE

Cranes and Clouds: The Korean Art of Ceramic Inlay by LOUISE ALLISON CORT

Asian Art at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts: The Renaissance of a Historic Collection in Canada by LAURA VIGO

Moon-Gong Figurines: From Tang Dynasty China by JAN CHAPMAN

Chinese Sculptures of the Tang and Song Periods by SIMON KWAN

Iridescent Jewels: The Muwen Tang Collection of Chinese Glass by PETER LAM

The Côte D’or: The Heart of Burgundy by RODDY ROPNER

(Saleroom News) Bonhams Hong Kong: Fine Chinese Art on November 28th, 2011 by ROBIN MARKBREITER

(Saleroom News) Christie’s Hong Kong: Autumn 2011 Auctions Highlights by ROBIN MARKBREITER

(Saleroom News) Fine Wine in Hong Kong: Auction Review of 2011 by RODDY ROPNER

(Book Reviews) Traditional Chinese Toggles: Counterweights and Charms by JOHN E. VOLLMER

(Collectors World) Toun Shishido’s Twelve Netsuke Masterpieces: Portraying the Flower Cards Collection of Kyoto’s Heian Shrine by ROBERT O. KINSEY

(Collectors World) Stamp Collecting: A Growing Trend in China by LOUIS MANGIN

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