May to June 2012 Magazine

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Editorial by TUYET NGUYET


Treasures From the Underground Palace: Tomb Treasures of Han China by JAMES C.S. LIN

The Emperor’s New Clothes: Dressing for the Afterlife by JAMIE C.S. LIN

Hidden Landscapes and Their Creatures Among the Exotic Possessions of the Imperial Han Princes and the King of Nanyue by JESSICA RAWSON

The Nanyue Silver Box by LUKAS NICKEL

Chinese Snuff Bottles in Underglaze Blue and White by ROBERT KLEINER

Thai Silverware by PAUL BROMBERG

Scientific Curiosity: Collecting in Hong Kong Through The Dr S.Y. Kwan Chinese Jade Collection by CHAN LAI PIK

Robert Hatfield Ellsworth: Dealing as an Art Form by HUGO WEIHE

(Saleroom News) Christie’s New York: The Doris Wiener Collection on March 20th, 2012 by TRISTAN BRUCK

(Saleroom News) Sotheby’s New York: Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art on March 20th, 2012 by HAROLD YEO

(Saleroom News) Christie’s New York: Asia Week 2012 Auction Highlights by NOAH KUPPERMAN

(Book Reviews) Provenance: Collectors, Dealers and Scholars in the Field of Chinese Ceramics in Britain and America by COLIN SHEAF

(Book Reviews) Satsuma: The Romance of Japan by SUSAN SHORTLAND

(Collectors World) Mindful of Time: Contemporary Chinese Brush Painting by IAIN ROBERTSON

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