November to December 1977 Magazine

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Editorial by TUYET NGUYET


Chinese Taoist Art by LASZLO LEGEZA

Ivory Carvings and the Chien Lung Emperor by SYLVIA FRASER

The Portuguese Porcelain Trade with China by JORGE GRAÇA

Soul Images and Gods of the Boat People by KEITH G. STEVENS

The Chinese Water-Pipe by IAN JOHNSON and MARCUS BROOKE

Poetry on Three Agate Snuff Bottles by MARTHA M. RENK

Saleroom News by SIMON HARTMAN

(Book Reviews) By Imperial Command, An Introduction to Ch’ing Imperial Painted Enamels by ROXANNA M. BROWN

(Book Reviews) Hills Beyond a River, Chinese Painting of the Yuan Dynasty 1279–1368 by JAMES WATT

Chinese Ceramics Carried by the Dutch Fast India Company by EFFIE B. ALLISON

500 Years of European Prints by PETER CHANCELLOR

Collectors Column 

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